Why I Need Guns

The other day I read another essay on gun control. Too many mad men with grudges. The author had good arguments for limiting gun access for certain populations, for outlawing guns like the AR-15, a popular weapon that has been used in countless school killings and other mass murders in this country. Then he asked a question that I’d never seriously addressed—why do we, personally, need so many guns?

I decided to give this considerable thought.

I tried. I really tried to get to the root of my love for the smell of gun oil and metal, the sleek, cool feel of my 12-gauge shotgun, the satisfying kick of my .357 magnum … the power rush when I slowly squeeze . . .

Okay, so there is a fetish component. I admit it.

I decided to go deep, really examine my insides. Why do I find guns so attractive?

Here it is—the top 18 reasons why I need guns. (I tried for 10. Didn’t work.)

18. Because our large collection of knives would be lonely without guns.

17. It’s the only way I’ve managed to help my neighbor keep his hostile German shepherds in check.

16. I’ve got to leave my grandchildren something when I die.

15. Squirrels in the bird feeders.

14. Stop signs just don’t look right without bullet holes.

13. More satisfying than fireworks.

12. I’ve got to collect something, and I don’t like Hummels.

11. It’s a friendly family competition.

10. Neighbors with guns make me nervous.

9. Neighbors without guns may need defending.

8. Christmas just isn’t Christmas without an ATN X-Sight II HD Day/Night Vision Rifle-scope under the tree.

7. Spiders.

6. Guns are necessary components of the Spaghetti Western costume I wear on Halloween.

5. When the electricity goes out, tracer bullets light the way to the bathroom.

4. I don’t have enough room for cannons.

3. More effective at Whack-a-Mole than that silly little hammer.

2. My Daddy always told me that when it came to men, a woman needs an equalizer.

1. Men like my Daddy.

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The Harvey Weinstein Syndrome—Because They Can

A twenty-something woman asked me recently, “Why do they treat us like this? Why do they get away with it?”

“Because they can,” I answered.

I am not talking about all men. But to be perfectly honest, I am talking about most of you.

To one extent or another, most men have extensive track records of treating women like second-class citizens, or worse, like property.

Their wives defend them. If they are young, their families protect them. Universities and corporations make excuses, minimize, obfuscate, penalize the victims, play innocent, lie. For every single company or school that takes action (whether because they read the writing on the wall, or are otherwise facing worsening repercussions), hundreds of others hide evidence and pretend nothing happened.

It remains to be seen whether the latest falderal is going to make any lasting change. I predict there will be a few sacrificial lambs, and then things will return to the status quo.

How would I know? Here’s the reasoning behind my educated guess:

Long years of watching people with really short attention spans, the majority just wanting to get by and not make waves, our inherent laziness, people with money who make issues disappear . . . . .

Men using covert forms of violence (social, political, illegal, immoral) to move up the corporate ladder. Men who control people in a business environment by threatening their careers and job security. Men who create hostile work environments where almost every single person is afraid of losing their jobs and careers.

Men who create pecking orders with male friends and acquaintances. Who systematically exclude women in almost every meaningful interaction that isn’t sexual.

Men who intimidate and terrorize family members.

And a growing number of men who pick up guns and use them.

Because they can.