Conversations with Cosmic Consciousness

I need some assistance.

How can I help you?”Cosmic consciousness

Who am I? Who am I supposed to be?


Oh! Come on! I cry at the drop of a hat. I’m neither strong, nor athletic. I am easily defeated.

You ask. I give you data. Your point is . . . ?”

Fine. What do you mean by “undefeated”?

Watch Cool Hand Luke.”

He won, with nothing.

Imagine what it takes to succeed with few resources, with entrenched trauma and PTSD, with little real preparation for adulthood, neither role models nor mentors, and significant obstacles.”

You are talking about most of the world’s population.

I am talking about you. There is more. You have grit, tenacity, curiosity, hope and optimism in the face of adversity.”

I disagree with your assessment.

I should know.”

What’s the point?

I have certain educational goals in mind, which you will reach, sooner or later. Beyond that, your strength of spirit and determination surprises and delights Me.”

You can be surprised?

Of course. I have a much broader perspective. However, I cannot be 100% certain how any specific part of this experiment will go. I set the parameters. But there is always a quality of spirit – my Spirit in you – that provides multiple unknown variables to the equation. The math is beyond your current comprehension.”

So . . . what? You set up this demonic obstacle course and watch what happens? Do you place bets on the side?

Seriously, there would be little point in betting against Myself. Besides, I am invested in the outcome. I am not idle. I do not ‘watch.’ I participate. The more accurate description of what you are experiencing is exploration.”

Says you! Dial the sensitivity back a bit, won’t you?

You want to be less aware? Go back to sleep. You want to check out? Certainly these are some of your options. If you don’t want to be so sensitive, fix it.”

I don’t believe I can. So much of it seems to be hard-wired.

Nonsense. You are Consciousness, as yet unaware of your full ability and potential. You can increase your current level of functioning. If what you want seems to be beyond the parameters of the game, then you have not focused enough on the outcome you desire.

You have always had my blessing to change the parameters. If you haven’t clued into the fact that you have been doing so your entire life, then start paying more attention.”

I’m not that powerful.

You can tell yourself that as long as you want, along with all the rest of your negative self-talk. It only delays our progress and causes more pain. You are the Gift we give to each Other.”

– – –

Conversation II

Data please.

Certainly. What’s on your mind?”

I feel so damn fragile today. I don’t like it.

So quit claiming it.”

Okay, so let me see if I understand this: If I feel exhausted, and tearful, and like I’m running on empty, I’m supposed to suppress what I am feeling and tell myself otherwise?

No, of course not. You are to recognize that your specific helpful or unhelpful behaviors, your general health, your interactions with others, as well as your background conversations with yourself, have led to your current emotional and physical states. So you are to go about the process of examining your self-talk and take corrective measures. Also check the obvious: sleep, adequate physical and mental nutrition, and so on. You may just need a nap.”

So what You’re saying is, I am causing all of this.

Well, in a word, yes. However, I do not expect you to comprehend non-local awareness just yet. I encourage you to eat this particular elephant one bite at a time.”

I work on myself – a lot. Doesn’t seem to help.

Let’s do a fact check here. Those internal dialogues played over and over in your imagination, your self-flagellation, constantly forcing yourself to stay awake, not giving yourself credit for all that you do, becoming distracted instead of staying in the NOW, the way you . . . .”

Okay! Okay. I get the point. But it’s not that easy to turn off all that stuff, especially if I feel hurt.

Easier with practice. Ask yourself, how often do you make concerted efforts to address any of the areas I mentioned?

Huh . . . I don’t really know. Haphazardly most of the time. Sometimes more often.

And that would be correct. You can make a more concerted effort, should you so choose. It’s entirely up to you of course.”

Hey! Working on it here! I was hoping to get more help from You!

And you shall have it. All you need do is ask. It helps to be specific.”

Can’t I just make a general request for help?

Certainly. And you will get help, generally speaking.”

Okay, I know specificity seems to help. But I don’t know why. And I don’t always know what specifically to ask for.

We have wandered into the subject of non-local awareness again. ‘Ask, and ye shall receive.’ ‘Only believe, and it shall be done unto you.’ ‘Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.” How often do you need to hear the same message? You know, I really have been sending it out on multiple platforms.”

There is a lot of bad information out here.

You think so? And so shall it be. You do not see what is. You see what you are. I hold in front of you a mirror. Listen to my words carefully. Would you prefer to have something better? Do you want to have something better? Or do you persist in seeing something better, regardless of what’s currently in front of you?”

Shades of meaning on the one hand, and Pollyanna naviete on the other.

No. Specific words. Specific meanings. Otherwise one word would do. Words have power. You are what you believe yourself to be. I am what you believe Me to be. Angels are real when you make them real. Help comes to you when you believe it comes to you. Doors open when you persist in seeing them open. The world improves as you SEE it improve, not before! I will continue to give all of you this same message.

You do not see what is. You see what you are. You can change what you are. Indeed, you have done so, mostly unconsciously, all your life.

And while we’re on the subject, see and sense and feel a better, healthier world. Quit dwelling on the negative. I’m not asking you to ignore what’s out there. I’m asking you, instead, to see a better world, instead of envisioning the worst of what you don’t want. There is no such thing as nothing. Something will fill the void of anything you tear down, mentally and physically. So, build instead. And as you build, make sure it’s something the world needs.”

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