On Being Amazed

I’ve played the game that everyone else has played from time to time: what would my life be like if . . . .

If I never married.

If I had gone to different schools.

If I had different parents, if I’d never joined the military, if I’d never had kids, if I’d moved somewhere else, if I had been born blonde with big boob genes.

But this game is not very helpful for at least three reasons. 1) Stuff happened to me and around me, which I had no control over that also helped determine who I am today.  2) I can’t change the past. And the biggest reason is 3) Here I am.

Here I am. It could be better. It could be a lot worse.

I choose to be amazed at what I see, the people I get to know, the things I get to do. The kindness of strangers. The rudeness of some drivers. Hey, I’m not perfect. And they most certainly are not either.

I got a long way to go. And I choose to be amazed.

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